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What is the best story in the world?

I hope you say it’s yours.

For some of us, it’s hard to say that.  

Deception would have us believe that the lives and stories that others live are better than ours.


IG Stories Viewers

Listen up, for those of us who get caught up in i g stories (aka Instagram stories) – it’s not true.

The stories there – raw stories, beautiful stories, horror stories, stories that save, even if it makes for good bedtime stories are just movies stories.  

For Your Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Unplug.  Go within.  Pick up a notebook and start decluttering.  Do some junk journaling and remove the mental and emotional debris inside you.  

What shall I write?

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Thank you so much for browsing. 

Wishing you unexplainable simple joy as you take the pen to bravely meet yourself.

May you come out of it grateful, happy and thankful.

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