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Mindful Journaling: An example of what it looks like

(A journal entry.  Written on July 31, 2000)

The modern world we live in does not encourage mindfulness of the present moment.  Because if we do, we would be awed by the beauty around us and the joy of what’s around and near us brings …

What happens when you take time to do mindful journaling? Answers arise. Things become clearer.  New life and direction starts to unfold.

The gift of being grateful to the present moment.

It’s a piece of inner wisdom I uncovered only through mindful journaling.  In the quiet moment of myself meeting my thoughts on paper – this gem was unearthed for me.

Mindful journaling was certainly a good start toward creating and living the life I want.  I realized how learning to live a grateful life was essential for my own emotional and well-being.  

(Journal entry – July 31, 2000)

Why do we seek other things rather than appreciate the present one? 

Because we’ve not learned to be grateful to the gift of the present moment.

Years later, when we became parents, we devoted ourselves to creating meaningful summer memories for our boys and family.  

It was all part of our intentional efforts to continually look at what experiencing simple joy looks like. 

One year, to really experience that, we decided to take our boys to the very secluded North Rim side of the Grand Canyon.  It took us over 3 days to get there.  But was it worth it!

We saw shooting stars in the night at our campground.  We heard what sheer majestic silence sounded like in the great expanse of the canyon lands.  We felt nature whispering its peace to us.  Our hearts learned to burst with joy at the sight of earth’s great gentle beauty. 

North Rim Grand Canyon
North Rim Grand Canyon
north grand canyon
Love and Wonder

So why is mindful journaling encouraged?  

Because it gets you become clear what matters to you.  It leads you to the crevices of your deep knowing of what brings you joy.  So with that, I’ll end and wish you simple daily joy in your mindful journaling work.

To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.

Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

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