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What is one way to cultivate peace within?

I have found spending time in prayer to be a useful aide.

While there are people who can say wonderful prayers out loud, I’m definitely not that.

For me it’s always been writing prayers on paper, creating art or taking solitary nature walks.

Prayer Journaling 

What exactly is prayer journaling?  In short, it’s our way of pouring our hearts to a higher Being whom we know listens.

On prayer by Mother Teresa

Does it matter if it’s on print or on paper?  

I encourage both.  Both have its benefits and uses.

Does it matter if it’s done early morning, afternoon or late evening?

The key here is to start a prayer journaling habit and commit yourself to it. 

For how long? 

I suggest setting a timer of 20 minutes of uninterrupted prayer journaling for a year.  Find a weekly routine that allows you to stick with it for that long.  

Then what?

Read your prayer journal at the end of the year like a scientist.   

Use a life coach to hear and explore your findings together.  Please contact me on LinkedIn here if I can be of service.  

If you prefer a group setting, I invite you to join our Zoom writing group.  Please email

We provide a safe two hour workshop for participants to write, share and process their lives.

And finally if you are looking for a notebook, check out my shop here.  There are over 100 designs.  I hope you find something you like here.  

Until the next time.

Yours warmly, 


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