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Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

There is so much to be thankful for

There is always something to be thankful for.  


So much to be thankful for

Food.  Family.  Friends.

Fresh air to breathe, eyes that can see.

Heart that feels.  Ears that can hear.

I’m not exactly a poet.  But you get the idea.  

Thanksgiving message

I hope you enjoy the Happy Thanksgiving wishes and message visuals here.  

My heart was certainly lifted while creating them.  I hope they bring you a smile and joy as well.  

Take a look around – whether it is at this webstore or at my Etsy shop.  I hope you will find something you like here.  A journal notebook to start a gratitude list, a place to keep your private thoughts or perhaps something for your bullet journal inspiration.  Check out the women empowerment vinyl stickers or the mugs with their inspirational messages.  

Thanksgiving image
Happy Thanksgiving wishes
There's always something to be thankful for

From the bottom of my heart, 

thank you for dropping in, browsing and supporting my little online shop.

Much hugs,


Joy can be simple, no matter what, on a daily basis.

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