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Feeling burnout? Try these bullet journal ideas

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Hi there:

Maybe this is you? 

  1. You are feeling burnout whether it is from the demands at work, at home or both.  Things probably won’t let up anytime soon and you seriously are looking for a fresh and quick idea to regain some balance back into your life.
  2. You have heard about bullet journaling and are open to tips about how you can do this life hack in a fun and different way.
  3. Somebody shared this with you (maybe it’s me personally!) and you are curious about the topic.

In all cases and more, welcome!

For years I have practiced journaling.  It started off as a diary when I was 10 years old.  My father was a businessman and so I got business planners and appointment books he brought home for me to use.  They weren’t visually pleasing but the idea of filling those empty lines for each day was enough to get me excited and make the pen move.  As a young schoolgirl I recorded results from the tests I took or wrote down stuff that upset me. 

But my past is not the point of the post!  So thanks for letting me setup my bullet journaling fun idea.  

I LOVE the concept of bullet journaling! (bullet journal = bujo)

Basically it is a way of organizing information in a highly visual format.   

There is something quite free-ing about these dotted notebooks.  Write away – big caps, cursive,  you get to choose the size and style of your writing.   There are no constricting lines, just dots to help you with spacing and arranging your information.   

The key benefit of bullet journaling is to help one organize information.  I don’t know about you but I am not a very good illustrator.   Here are a couple of ideas I’d like to suggest to help turn your bullet journals into more visually pleasing pieces.   

They are:

1) Decorate your favorite notebook with LARGE reminder stickers. 

In the Youtube video below you’ll find stickers like a Tea First sticker and a short quote from Marmee (Abigail May Alcott) – the mother of the prolific writer, Louisa May Alcott.  Perhaps you have heard of the book, “Little Women”?

2) Use washi paper liberally!

It’s a word which literally means, Japanese paper (wa meaning ‘Japanese’ and shi meaning ‘paper’).  Have you caught the bug for it yet?  I hope you have!  Washi tape is not only a great decorative adhesive tape but also works great for all kinds of craft and journaling.  

3) Try calligraphy pens.

I find the writings produced using calligraphy pens add a nice contrasting difference to other pens I use on these notebooks.  If I could use a word to describe its effect, I would say they “pop”!

I like to plan and organize stuff – whether it is a to-do list, things to track or just a physical space to capture all my creative ideas. What I am proposing is nothing radical.  Amid all that fun bullet journaling, try the ideas above.  To give you a concrete idea of what I am talking about, I made a short video clip on Youtube for you to see.  Enjoy the inspiration! 

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