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Have Courage – Find Joy

This fall, have courage and be kind to yourself.

fall for silence

Take time to explore.

Go outside.  Try anything but plastic.  Nature is the best teacher.

Go within. Create space for what's sacred, for what's really precious.

Don’t numb the pain.  There is wisdom inside of you.  Get in touch with that.

Journal.  Write down what’s present to your mind, heart and soul. 

If you can’t find the words, draw.

Still at a loss? 

Visit a used bookstore or Goodwill.  Find magazines with words and pictures that express what you are feeling and what you are longing for.  Cut out those pictures and words and paste them in notebooks like the ones below. 

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Release grace.  Let that which is sacred and good touch you and others around.

I wish you many days of simple joys.

May you experience peace that surpasses all understanding.



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