“Let your joy be daily. And let it be simple.” ~ Angela O


I’m Angela. Welcome to my Simple Daily Joy gift shop!

Whether it’s a journal spiral notebook, a sticker or a mug – I hope each product you buy inspires you to cultivate joy daily in your life. 

Why you may ask, did I name this shop, as such?

Through a series of life events and personal encounters along life’s journey, I have come to see that each of us have hard battles that we fight, either by choice or they happen to choose us.

Yet I sincerely believe joy can be experienced daily and in a simple way.  A cup of hot tea.  A moment to enjoy the big expansive sky.  The beauty of trees.  The triumph of tackling something hard.  One cannot always change the difficult circumstance in one’s life but we all can choose to live in simple daily joy.  

If you are buying a physical product, a professional printer/shipper helps me get the product to you.  I’m an email away if you like a custom order, make bulk orders or have any further questions or issues. 

Digital products offered here are simpler transactions.  Again, please reach out if I can help further.   

Each time you trust me to buy a product and leave a 5 star review, I am touched and grateful. I also write – please find my books on Amazon under Angela Oltmanns.  

Again, thank you for stopping by and supporting my business.

With much love,
Angela O

Oh yes, I forgot, here’s a little more information about me if you still like to know more.