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New Year!

In unsettling times like ours, living with joy is an act of faith.  It takes courage, resilience and grit to practice optimism.  

I’m not advocating a pollyanna-ish stance.  Far from it.

Humans feel.  We feel both pleasant and not so pleasant feelings. We either let ourselves feel or we shut it off.  

Balance is better.  I find journaling how one feels in the moment, writing uninterrupted for 10-15 minutes or 2-5 pages to be a helpful aide. It’s an inexpensive and very calming way to learn how to self regulate one’s emotions. 

This new year, learn to practice loving kindness toward yourself.  I know I am – one more time again.   

By Angela O

How’s your new year so far?  Many are coming with a one word theme to anchor their year.  It’s a simple declaration of optimism and faith. 

What will your one word be?  

Taking time to reflect on last year will eventually lead you to that one word.

Mine is contribute.

If you have trouble coming up with your one word, try a really long solo walk without distractions outside.  Slowwww down.  Have a cup of hot tea.  Sit, unplug – soak in the wonder of nature around, be in awe of it and do deep breathing exercises.  

Be curious with yourself.  Ask this:  What’s my one word that will anchor and lift my soul this year?

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