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Listen & Repeat

Listen & Repeat

Listening without judging can be difficult.   

What is the solution?

Try to listen again.

Listen and repeat. 

It does require a generous heart and open mind from you.  

But oh the wonders and miracles that happen when you choose to listen deep and generously without judgment.

Anne Frank Collection

I didn’t grow up with many books but enough to know that they have the power to expand minds and change lives. 

As such, I date a lot of my books.  In 1985, I came to possess “The Diary of Anne Frank“. 

I cannot remember if it was a gift or if I had bought it myself.  Today I still have that book.  

Although I have a patchy recollection of its contents, I can still hear and feel the indomitable spirit of this young girl.

In our world today, not many can give us the gift of generous listening.  But there is still a place where everything we wish to say can be heard. 

Give yourself the precious gift of writing down your thoughts, hopes and dreams on paper.  It’s an intimate way of meeting yourself honestly, fully and openly.

“I can shake off everything as I write;

my sorrows disappear,

my courage

is reborn.” 

– Anne Frank

Create this sacred space of simple daily joy for you.

May these lovingly crafted notebooks offer you courage today and the days ahead.

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