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One Word Joys

I am thinking visuals and just one word about joy this summer.  

Maybe because there is a lot of noise around and I want to keep things simple.

I had to go through a long process before the one word visuals emerged.

Earlier this summer, an old book I had inspired me to create a series of quote graphics. 

I love creating beautiful quote graphics.  Connect with me over Linkedin for such services.

The quote graphic visual below is the brainchild that led to this eventual post here.

I enjoy letting what I do take over my mind, heart and soul.

So this is how my one word joys visuals for this summer came about.


Grab a notebook – jot down a few happy things.  

Make yourself a cup.  Take time for crafts.  

Shop here at my shop.  I hope you’ll find something you like.

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  1. Charlotte Song

    So proud of your creativity. Rejoicing that you chose JOY! Love and blessings

    1. Angela Oltmanns

      Thank you so much, Ms Song! Thank you for sharing your joy-filled spirit and sending it my way!!

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