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(Merriam-Webster dictionary definition)

1to pay attention to sound

2to hear something with thoughtful attention give consideration

3to be alert to catch an expected sound

Don’t listen to your head.  Listen to your heart!

But what if you listen to both?

Here’s an example of that result.

Beethoven wrote “Ode to Joy” – when he was almost completely deaf.

It’s been said he was unaware of the rapturous response from the crowd when he conducted its premiere. Only when one of the musicians alerted him to the cheering audience did he experience the impact of his work.

Here’s an article about Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” – its lyrics, translation and history. 

Click here to read.  Click here to listen.

If you wish to write well, it will do you good to listen to both your head and heart.

Until next time, listen well.

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