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Simple Life Lessons

You are Meant to Soar

You are meant to soar 3
You are meant to soar 2

A few years ago, I decided to confront a few of my fears by teaching at a high school.  A big hearted and wonderful high school principal took a chance on me and hired me to teach high school Math. 

transformation rules

It wasn’t an easy assignment and I appreciated many things about that chapter of my life.

Math is not something many students are excited about, especially for those who struggled with the subject matter.  Kudos to all who tried and gave their best effort to it!

I also realized quickly that I was there to share life lessons as well. 

My husband, who’s a clever wordsmith, gave me the acronym, TELL – which stands for Time for an Essential Life Lesson.

I felt both the privilege and responsibility to impart good, useful life lessons toward these students of mine.   

It was not just a simple telling exercise.  I wanted to be a living practitioner of these life lessons as well.  So for better or for worse, they got to see their teacher practice these life lessons alongside them.

Here are a few of those life lessons. 

Time for an Essential Lesson

Life Lesson 1 :

We are bearers of peace by staying peaceful ourselves.

Life lesson 2

Life Lesson 2 : 

How do you handle setbacks?

First, you acknowledge it.

What next?

Do not avoid it.  Do not blame.  

Own it.  Learn from it. 

Set a goal to do better.

Life Lesson 3

Life Lesson 3 :

Build your integrity foundation by doing the right thing.

Life Lesson 6

Life Lesson 4 :

An honest answer is like a warm hug.

Life Lesson 2
"Logic is the hygiene the mathematician practises to keep his ideas healthy and strong." Herman Weyl (1885-1955)

Life Lesson 5 :

Gratitude is the hygiene one practises to keep one’s heart healthy and strong.”  ~ Angela O 

Wild Geese - Mary Oliver

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –

over and over announcing

your place in the family of things.

Wild Geese, Mary Oliver 

Know that you matter. 

Know that the light you bring to  your community and the world counts toward a larger good we will never fully understand or appreciate. 

Your desire and willingness to do something good toward others – whether it is in the privacy of your home or in a public space – all your good contributions matter.  

Instructions for living a life - Mary Oliver

Need help in clarifying what your life purpose is? 

Try journaling.   There is something about putting your thoughts and personal reflections on paper that does wonders for your wellbeing.

Start with just 15 minutes. 

Download what upsets you, still has you anxious.  And if in a true funk, google for positive quotes and write down the ones that cheer your weary heart. 

Journaling is a great and simple way to detox negative and emotionally draining stuff. In fact, we may be unconscious about these things and not realize the toll it takes from us.

Try listing 3 things you are grateful for today.  Choose a grateful journal from my shop by clicking here.  It’s a wonderful way to add more grace into your life.  

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