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Slow down. Life is beautiful.

Create Your Own Simple Daily Joy This Fall


On this side of the world, we are getting ready for fall.   

What does fall mean to you?  


When I was a very young girl, one of my uncles bought me a year’s subscription to the kids’ version of National Geographic.  I remember one issue in particular of a young blonde girl my age holding a huge pumpkin with golden and deep red hues of fall leaves all around her.   

It was quite a sight for me to behold.  It was visually very well done even though it was a very casual shot.

Some people may look at a fall picture like that and long to live in a place as such and even think it as an idyllic place to grow up in.  Yet I knew life is not always so simple as it is pictured.  

How? You might ask.

You see, right around those years where I was discovering the world, I came to be pen pals with a number of young girls my age.  Through our correspondence, I came to know about what life is like for my pen pals in countries such as Norway, New Zealand, Turkey and the United States.  

From my New Zealand pen pal, I learned how horse-riding was part of her education.  It was sometimes fun but there were also many times when it was not so fun.  My Turkish friend gave me a window into her Islamic way of life and personalized Kemal Atatürk’s impact on their society when I studied Turkish history in college.  My memory of my American pen pal struck me in the most emotional way.  

I could tell from her very own pumpkin pictures that life wasn’t always idyllic.  

She was matter of fact about growing up in a divorced home.  We didn’t know which emotions to use to name our feelings. I now can see that there was much pain and sadness, things I picked up because I was feeling those emotions too.

I have been working on my Simple Daily Joy store for slightly under a year.  It all started with me capturing a short clip of birds chirping in the neighborhood.  I uploaded it on Youtube and when asked to give my channel a name, I called it, Simple Daily Joy”.   Click here to find out more.

I love to learn and enjoy new challenges.  I soon found myself opening an Etsy shop against my own self-defeating beliefs that I really am not much of an artist.   For me, a truly creative is a Caravaggio, Degas, Botero or a Ho Chee Lick.

But here I am, a one person shop behind this brand concept called, Simple Daily Joy.  

I returned to a few of my original roots lately.  One of which is making handmade cards.   

Ivy handmade card

It is not very smart business. Unlike my other products in which I use a professional printer, these handmade cards are made out of my kitchen table and are truly one of a kind.  But that is what simple daily joy is about.  The willingness and determination to create simple joy in my everyday life, no matter what.  

So this fall, not only am I reflecting, 

I am also letting go and 

falling into the beautiful

 things that life has to offer. 

Joy can be simple, no matter what, on a daily basis.

Go ahead,  tend to something lovely.  Create beautiful things.  Share that joy of yours. 

I hope this blog article gives you fresh ideas for simple daily joy.  

Find Simple Daily Joy products at my online shops: 

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I hope you find something you like there.

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